One-and-a-half-day advanced surgical course on autogenous bone grafting, soft tissue managements and sinus floor elevations for implant insertion

Intensive course with several surgical demonstrations on autogenous bone harvesting, grafting and sinus floor elevation. Hands on training on phantom mandible and Sheep heads

June 3 & 4, 2016
Dr. Charles Khoury
Location: Athens-Greece

An exceptional limited attendance course (20 participants), held in Athens in collaboration with the Branemark Osseointegration Center in Greece. A theoretical background and hands-on training on autogenous bone harvesting for 2D & 3D bone grafting using the MicroSaw® and MiniScrew for implant insertion. Videos transmission will support these techniques by explaining in details the advantages of autogenous bone by decreasing the healing period to 3 months for implant loading. This course also highlights different kinds of soft tissue management, that goes with these augmentations, sinus floor elevation techniques’ indications and contra indications, and the influence of bone quality, height and shape of sinus cavity. A total of 3 hands-on-trainings will be done by each attendant on phantom mandible and sheep heads.


1 – Physiopathology of bone grafting
2 – The MicroSaw® Bony-lid approach: Micro instrument for Macro achievements
3 – Biologic Concept of Autogenous Bone grafting
4 – Intra oral Bone harvesting: Implant drills, Trephine drills, Safe Scraper, MicroSaw®…
5 – Core technique, 2D & 3D Bone Grafting Why, When & How
6 – Anatomy of the sinus and surrounding structure, Internal (SFE), Minimal invasive External SFE, Advance SFE with or without implant insertion: step by step
7 – Augmentation materials: autogenous V/S biomaterials, membranes…
8 – Soft tissue management: tunnel, roll flap, Kazandjian, Palatal flap, Free graft…
9 – Complications and Solutions (Sinus mucosa perforation’s management…)
10 – Hands on training on phantom models and sheep heads (bone harvesting with MicroSaw®, 2D & 3D bone grafting with MiniScrews, sinus floor elevation, soft tissue management…)

Limited seats for 20 participants

Charles KhouryDr. Charles Khoury

Born in Saida, Lebanon
1988: DMD, St. Joseph University, Beirut.
Since 1989: Assistant and Master Assistant Professor at theDepartment  of Prosthodontic, St. Joseph University, Beirut.
Since 1999: Director of the German Centre of Implant Dentistry, Beirut.
1996: High studies Diploma in Endodontic (D.E.S. Endodontie) St. Joseph University, Beirut.
1999: High studies Certificate in Prosthodontics (C.E.S Prothèse Fixée), St. Joseph University, Beirut.
2002 : University Diploma in implant dentistry (D.U. de Chirurgie et Prothèses Implantaire), Claude Bernard University Lyon, Lyon – France.
Since 2004 : Oral surgeon in Dentaline clinic Dubai : Bone graft, dental implant, teeth transplant, complicated impacted teeth…
Since 2006: Experimental Research on Implants surfaces at the University of Muenster, Germany
2008: Master of Oral Medicine & Implantology of the University of Muenster, Germany

Several International publications
International lectures and courses on Bone graft, Implantology Endodontics, Prosthodontics…
–    Since 2004 USA IDEA – Advanced Continuing Dental Education
–    Germany Zahnarzt Olsberg, Privatzahnklinik Schloss Schellenstein
–    France, Spain…


Παρασκευή 3 & Σάββατο 4 Ιουνίου 2016
MEC  Ν. Σμύρνης, Πλαστήρα 84 και Ιωσηφόγλου 3
Τηλ. 210 8001303
Κόστος συμμετοχής: 600 Ευρώ συμπεριλαμβανομένου ΦΠΑ 23%
Μέγιστος αριθμός συμμετεχόντων: 20

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